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What happens after you make an appointment with us?

Client Intake


Each design process starts with a non-committal client intake, taking all important aspects, functionality and personal taste into consideration for a unique design. Understanding what you as client would like to spend so Marnix knows what he could suggest in case of style and exclusivity results in an appropriate quotation.

Custom cabinetry is available for every budget and price range.

Front view Desk By Marnix Spaans.jpg
Price Indication














With the details we have consulted so far we will inform you with an indication of the total price.

Legal Research and Writing
Sketch Design












In following of the formulated briefing, detailed design sketches are made. 

With the frontview sketches you will have an exact idea of the end product.

Design Sketch Desktop
Price Consultation











Based on the design, we have made a price. The quotation is fully specified, and everything is clearly discussed with you. Any adjustments will always be possible.

Business Handshake







Now we have the perfect design we can start producing the project but first we need to measure

It is essential that the project will fit perfectly. Therefore we will measure the space and make sure we have all the technical details we need. 

Measurement Services















Our team of specialists will start to create your dream cabinetry.

Carpenter Tools














Our team will deliver and install your project.

After this step everything is all set and done.

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